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Whenever I sit down to actually work on something, I have this inane feeling that I'm wasting that time. Essentially, this means that I can really only work on the things I really want to without drowning in pathos. I'm working on this ridiculous emotional habit, but who knows when I'll submit again.

For those of you who read my previous journal, I do plan on posting a pony-related deviation, but it's a bit optimistic to call it a comic. My other ideas have suffered slow entropy-death.

EDIT: Thanks for the advice to stream. I'll think about setting up something like that up for my next project.
So... I've never felt the need to create a journal on dA before, but for those of you who have come looking at my Narflarg contest entries, I thought I'd say that I actually plan to submit another couple of pony comics in the next few months (one from a meme started by RedApropos, and one inspired by ToxicMario). I'd be doing my own drawing, so expect the art quality to deteriorate significantly! That is all.