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I really prefer Electric to this piece. The main differences I notice between the two are symmetry, definition, and color palette. Electric transitions from three to nine-fold symmetry, while this piece starts from six and goes to twelve. While three-fold symmetry is thought provoking, as it is a prime symmetry which is reasonable difficult to divide objects into, six-fold symmetry is seen more often. Therefore, when you take a three-fold symmetry and divide it into three again, this is considerably more interesting than taking the fairly pedestrian sixfold symmetry and dividing it into two (everyone knows how to divide things in two, and has seen it done countless times). The definition between the different components of Electric is also better than between the components of this piece. For the symmetries and components of the piece to be evident, you should avoid unnecessary components, and use blurring and interference between components only when it is artistically called for. Finally, I am not a great fan of the color scheme, and am unsure what the rationale for red and blue was. I much prefer the yellow and blue of Electric, but believe that you might get even more out of your pieces by using three or more colors.
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CMWVisualArts Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this well-written and thorough critique. I should start with your point about the colors. Although I have control over the gradient used in the fractal, my control on where it is placed is limited. The original gradient for this fractal should have had many more than just two colors alone. The only reason I rendered with two [or three, if you count the white] is because the other colors would have ruined the detail on the "broken" shapes throughout the fractal. Those two colors were meant to reinforce the shapes, I guess you could say. Although, I do agree that the color scheme associated with Electric seems to have been much better.

As for the definition, as I am still learning how to make completely original fractals, there are of course a few things that I have done wrong. Electric [despite deeming it a "twin"] was my way of making a better version of this fractal, and it seems that I was right to make it. I will be revisiting these parameters soon, and hopefully I can make a version even better than this.

Thank you for the critique, I look forward to another in the future, if I ever make one worthy of a critique.
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